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computer troubleshooting on metz, Boulay and its region

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DEPAN-ORDI57 located in the ponds, between METZ and BOULAY is based on the belief that our customers are of the utmost importance.
Our team is committed to meeting their needs.
This has made our reputation, as much of our business comes from repeat customers, or who have heard of us.

We want to take this opportunity to prove to you that we are trustworthy and that we will offer you the best service.

DEPAN-ORDI57 provides troubleshooting, training, and home assistance.

We come to you make the internet and your computer tools.

Reconcile with the computer.

During our repairs, we explain the causes of the problem to avoid any apprehension of using your computer.
For the sole purpose of make you it easy, our team focuses on you and your needs.

It is like a big chessboard.
At first glance, everything seems complicated, but just understand how to move his checkers, to assimilate the logic with practice to make the really exciting parts.

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Transfer your old movies on DVD!

DEPAN-ORDI57, transfert DVD

SUPER 8, 16 mm or VHS on an interactive DVD movies, it's possible!
We will correct defects of movies, (fuzzy, black and others), add background music, transitions between the sequences, and we can even altruism of photos of your movies!

Transfer of photos/movies


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Explication sur le Phishing

on parle de phishing/hameçonnage, explications et scénario de vol de carte de crédit, impossible de se faire avoir après ça !