Transfer of VHS movies and 8 mm on DVD on Metz and its region

transfert film DEPAN-ORDI57

DEPAN-ORDI57 transfer movies VHS and 8mm on DVD on metz and its region (opportunities other sector on quote)
Entrust us your old formats:
8 mm, 9.5 mm, 16 mm,
Super 8, Hi8, K7,
VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV,
photos, slides...
If you have old movies, photos, slides, video tapes you want to rescue from oblivion...
DEPAN-ORDI57 offers scan and burn to a DVD VIDEO.

You can find these forgotten pictures and share them with loved ones, family and friends!

-Find your tapes on Tablet, smartphone, TV, or computer.
Accepted formats: VHS, Hi-8, Digital 8, MiniDV and Video 8...
Find your family in digital format slides with DEPAN-ORDI57 and enjoy again fully on your tablet, your computer or your TV.
-DEPAN-ORDI57 assure you the most competitive offer of digitization of slides of the market!
-Do scan your reels of 8 mm and super 8 with DEPAN-ORDI57, regardless of their size and their duration.
-DEPAN-ORDI57 transfers at the best price of the market all your video tapes to digital media, regardless of their size and their duration.

Finally enjoy your former family on your tablet computer, digital movies

We are committed to the strictest secrecy obligation as to the confidentiality of the movies that you entrust to us.

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