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Security software

Secure your PC, to now

An antivirus and one, otherwise risk of conflict
A firewall (Firewall) and a single
Immunize its external media (usb key,...) of infections through them

Eventually, anti-spyware (antivirus with anti-spyware, there is currently little use to enable real-time anti-spyware protection)
Eventually, a "cleaning software" temporary files...
Eventually, Anti spam software
Eventually, a banner of protection

DEPAN-ORDI57 recommend you ESET SMART SECURITY, paying, but it is, in our view, the best on the market!

La météo sur Metz

Le service météo par DEPAN-ORDI57

le premier site météo pour le nord de la Lorraine

la météo sur Metz

The empty granaries in Moselle

Vide grenier par DEPAN-ORDI57

Pourquoi les VIRUS ?

We ask this so often still without answers.

In this documentary you will understand

Why the virus?